What does the future look like for women in football?


On Tuesday’s episode of ProFootballTalk, Mike Florio and Peter King discussed the historic achievements made by women in football over the weekend.

On Saturday, Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play football in a Power 5 game when she stepped onto the field for Vanderbilt. On Sunday, Callie Brownson – the chief of staff for the Cleveland Browns – became the first woman to be a position coach for an NFL team when she served as tight ends coach.

“It sure feels like the momentum is building for more and more female involvement in football, to the point where we could see a female general manager somewhere down the line,” Florio reflected.

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King offered up his own prediction: “The name to watch, in my opinion, is Dawn Aponte… I have been told by a couple of people in the league that they will not be surprised to see her get an interview to be a GM or club president in the next year or two. It’s long overdue… You ask some of the people who have employed Dawn Aponte, she can definitely do the job.”

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