Katie Ledecky: “I’m excited for what I can do in competition next year”


The holidays may look different this year, but that hasn’t kept Katie Ledecky from decorating her apartment in Palo Alto, California. The five-time Olympic gold medalist recently took to Instagram to show off her Snoopy-themed gingerbread house, as well as her “uneven” mini Christmas tree.

Still, Ledecky is prepared for a different kind of Christmas celebration. “I’m spending the holidays by myself at home, doing virtual activities with my family, just like everyone else,” she said on Wednesday on the TODAY show. “I’m really only leaving my apartment to go to swim practice and to train.”

Ledecky also discussed what’s kept her busy away from the pool in the last few months: completing her undergraduate degree at Stanford. While she was initially expecting to graduate in 2021 (or later), when classes went online and the Olympics were postponed, she re-enrolled and signed up for a full course load. She completed her degree in psychology just before Thanksgiving.

“It was different taking classes virtually, but I’m just so happy that I was able to finish up my degree and take some interesting classes in this time,” she said on Wednesday morning.

Looking ahead to next summer’s Tokyo Games, Ledecky says she’s “working hard every day.”

“I actually really love training so I’ve enjoyed having a really good block of training over the last couple of months,” she explained. “I’m excited for what I can do in competition next year.”

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