2021 PWHPA Dream Gap Tour Schedule and Results

2021 PWHPA Dream Gap Tour
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On Thursday, the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association (PWHPA) announced the third U.S. stop of the 2021 Dream Gap tour. In April, the two U.S.-based PWHPA teams – Minnesota (sponsored by adidas) and New Hampshire (sponsored by the Women’s Sports Foundation) – will travel to St. Louis for a showcase hosted by the St. Louis Blues.

Here’s a look the full 2021 Dream Gap schedule, with results from the first two U.S. stops in New York and Chicago.

2021 PWHPA Dream Gap Tour – Schedule and Results

New York Rangers Showcase:

    • February 27, 2021: Minnesota won 5-2 (3-point victory*)
    • February 28, 2021: New Hampshire won 4-3 (2-point victory)

Minnesota finished the weekend with a 3-2 lead in the standings

Chicago Blackhawks Showcase:

    • March 6, 2021: Minnesota won 4-1 (2-point victory)
    • March 7, 2021: Minnesota won 6-2 (3-point victory)

Minnesota finished the weekend with a 8-2 lead in the standings

St. Louis Blues Showcase:

    • April 11, 2021 at 5pm CT (Centene Community Center)
    • April 12, 2021 at 6pm CT (Enterprise Center)

*Quick refresher on the PWHPA Scoring System:

    • Regulation Win = 2.0 points
    • OT Win = 1.5 points
    • Shootout Win = 1.0 points
    • OT/Shootout Loss = 0.5 points
    • Regulation Loss = 0 points

Additional team points that can be earned in each game: 

    • a player scores a hat trick = 1 team point
    • a goalie records a shutout = 1 team point
    • a short handed goal is scored = 1 team point
    • team scores 5 or more goals in a game = 1 team point


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