Morgan Hurd’s impassioned speech at anti-AAPI violence rally (video)

U.S. gymnast Morgan Hurd
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Yesterday in New York City, world champion gymnast Morgan Hurd gave an impassioned speech at an anti-AAPI violence rally.

During a six-minute speech, Hurd addressed the recent spike in violence against the AAPI community, the history of anti-Asian racism in the United States, and her own experience as an adoptee from China.

The 19-year-old began by telling the crowd about the racism she’s endured, saying, “These racist remarks are so normalized because no one speaks up and calls it out for what it is: racism.”

Hurd – who is aiming to make her Olympic debut at this summer’s Tokyo Olympics – continued: “This doesn’t just fall on the Asian community, either. Allies, we love and appreciate you, but stop just being allies and start being accomplices… Just posting that infographic on your instagram story is not doing enough. You need to have those uncomfortable conversations with your friends and family.”

Hurd also spoke about a recent Instagram post published by fellow U.S. national team gymnast and adoptee Yul Moldauer.

In March, Moldauer detailed a recent experience he had while driving, when a woman cut him off and then yelled ‘Go back to China!’ while at the next stoplight. Moldauer wrote: “When I put USA on my chest when I compete, it hurts to know that I have to represent people like that.”

In her speech, Hurd reflected on Moldauer’s post, saying, “This quote resonated with me because it helped me realize: these people don’t want me representing them not because of my skill level, but because of my race.”

Here’s Hurd’s speech from Sunday’s anti-AAPI violence rally in NYC:

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