Soccer player Sam Kerr body checks field invader, gets yellow card

Soccer player Sam Kerr body slams field intruder
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When a pitch invader interrupted a Chelsea-Juventus women’s soccer match in the 88th minute on Wednesday, Aussie Sam Kerr was not having it.

Kerr – a striker for Chelsea – ran up to the intruder as he posed for a selfie, dropped her shoulder, and body checked him. The man immediately slammed into the ground.

Kerr’s take down earned her a yellow card – and plenty of praise on social media – while the invader slowly got to his feet and ran off.

Video of the incident shows fans chanting an insult at the field invader that would be familiar to any fan of Ted Lasso.

Kerr’s flattening of the intruder – which quickly went viral on social media – raised questions about security at the match, including why Kerr – rather than venue security – had to apprehend the interloper.

According to Guardian reporter Suzanne Wrack, the invader was attempting to take a photo with Chelsea captain Magda Eriksson.

“I don’t know why he didn’t wait to the end, he could have got a picture then,” Hayes told Wrack. “In all serious[ness], we’ve got to think about player welfare and safety.”

A few minutes after the incident, the Champion’s League group-stage game ended in a 0-0 draw.

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Earlier this week, Kerr helped Chelsea defeat Arsenal 3-0 to win the FA Cup in front of 40,942 fans at Wembley stadium.

The win came 100 years to the day that the FA banned women from playing soccer in its stadiums. The ban – which was enacted after over 53,000 fans turned out for a women’s game in 1920 – lasted until 1971.

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