Michelle Kwan gives birth to daughter Kalista Belle

Michelle Kwan
Getty Images

Two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Michelle Kwan is a mom. She announced the birth of her daughter, Kalista Belle Kwan, via Instagram on Wednesday night.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mom and, to me, she’s a perfect miracle,” Kwan wrote.

“This has been a challenging journey to motherhood (not to mention a very long labor!!!) and I’m glad I never gave up. I feel so grateful to have had the support of so many during this time, including my fertility doctor, doctors and nurses who looked after me, friends that shared their stories, and of course, my family & my [heart] who I could not live without.”

(Kwan’s full instagram post is embedded below.)

After retiring from figure skating in 2006, Kwan became the United States’ first public diplomacy envoy. She has remained involved with international diplomacy and in December, she was nominated to serve as U.S. ambassador to Belize.

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