Alpine Skiing Parallel Giant Slalom Team Event at the Winter Olympics: Live Updates and Results

Alpine skiing mixed gender team parallel slalom competition
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The final alpine skiing event of the 2022 Winter Olympics – the mixed gender team event – has been rescheduled for 9am on Sunday morning in Beijing (8pm on Saturday night in the United States). You can watch live on USA Network, Peacock and

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The event was originally scheduled for Saturday morning in Beijing, but was delayed multiple times until organizers announced that very windy conditions would not permit the event to be held on Saturday.

U.S. Roster for the Mixed Team Event in Alpine Skiing:

The U.S. team will feature three-time Olympic medalist Mikaela Shiffrin, competing alongside Paula MoltzanTommy FordLuke WintersA.J. Hurt and River Radamus. Only four athletes will compete in each round of competition.

Alpine Skiing – Mixed Team Parallel Slalom – Live Updates:


8:00pm ET: And we’re off! A day after high winds caused the event to be called off, racers are finally on course. The first head-to-head match up features Canada vs. Slovenia. Austria, meanwhile, gets a bye through the round of 16 thanks to their world No. 1 ranking.

8:04pm ET: It’s a tie! Canada won two, Slovenia won two. The first tiebreaker? The nation with the lower combined time of its fastest male and female competitor is awarded the win. And it is Slovenia that gets the go-ahead thanks to the performance of Andreja Slokar and Zan Kranjec.

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8:08pm ET: After winning the first three races against the Czech Republic, France clinches a spot in the quarterfinal round. The fourth skier still gets to compete, though. I guess they have to ski down the mountain anyway!

8:16pm ET: Norway vs. Poland! And wow, in the fourth head-to-head matchup, Norway’s Fabian Wilkens Solheim skis out. That results in a 2-2 tie – Norway moves ahead thanks to the combined time differential.

8:21pm ET: Italy vs. the Russian Olympic Committee: Marta Bassino clinches the win for the Italians with a solid run. Bassino is one of the strongest giant slalom skiers in the world (she won the World Cup discipline title last year), but the 25-year-old is still searching for her first Olympic medal.

8:24pm ET: It’s time for the USA vs. Slovakia. Mikaela Shiffrin is the first out of the gate and she makes it look easy. The three-time Olympic medalist crosses the line 0.64 seconds ahead of Slovakia’s Rebeka Jancova (video below). That’s actually the third largest time differential we’ve seen yet today.

8:26pm ET: And after two strong runs by River Radamus and Paula Moltzan, the U.S. clinches the win. The Americans will face Italy in the quarterfinal round.

8:35pm ET: Germany defeats Sweden 3-1, with Emma Aicher, Linus Strasser, and Lena Duerr all recording wins. Duerr just missed the individual slalom podium at these 2022 Winter Olympics, finishing fourth – only 0.07 behind bronze medalist Wendy Holdener of Switzerland.

8:38pm ET: Speaking of Wendy Holdener… she is the first athlete out of the gate for Switzerland in their round of 16 match-up against China. And the 28-year-old wins easily. Holdener has won five Olympic medals in her career, including gold in the team event four years ago.

8:39pm ET: Switzerland sweeps China, 4-0. They will face Germany in the quarterfinal round.


8:40pm ET: Here are the four quarterfinal matchups:

  • Austria (1) vs. Slovenia (8)
  • France (5) vs. Norway (4)
  • Italy (3) vs. United States (6)
  • Germany (7) vs. Switzerland (2)

The U.S. will use the same four athletes in this round, but in a different order. Paula Moltzan (1), Tommy Ford (2), Mikaela Shiffrin (3), River Radamus (4).

8:49pm ET: After a bye in the first round, Austria makes its team event debut in Beijing. The Austrians easily defeat Slovenia, winning 3-1.

8:50pm ET: Norway vs. France. Tessa Worley is first up for the French, but she loses to Norwegian Thea Louise Stjernesund. Worley is a six-time world medalist and one of the most dominant giant slalom skiers of the last decade, but the 32-year-old is still searching for her first career Olympic medal. Despite her loss, she still has a shot if her French teammates can pull through….

8:55pm ET: And nope. Norway defeats France. With the two teams tied, Norway gets the nod thanks to fast runs from Thea Louise Stjernsund and Fabian Wilkens Solheim.

8:57pm ET: It’s Italy vs. the United States. The Americans start off with a 2-0 lead thanks to Paula Moltzan and Tommy Ford.

8:59pm ET: In the third run, it’s Mikaela Shiffrin vs. Marta Bassino. Two really strong giant slalom skiers. Bassino manages to eke out the win by two one-hundredths of a second. But Shiffrin and her U.S. teammates will get to ski again after River Radamus clinches the 3-1 victory.

9:03pm ET: In the final quarterfinal, it’s Germany vs. Switzerland. The Swiss have already been so successful at these 2022 Winter Olympics, winning seven total medals in alpine skiing, including two by Wendy Holdener.

9:05pm ET: And what a tight battle between Wendy Holdener and Germany’s Lena Duerr. Competing on the blue course, which appears to be slightly faster, Duerr ekes out the win. Germany will move thanks to fast times from Alexander Schmid and Duerr. As a reminder, in the event of a 2-2 tie, the first tiebreak goes to the nation with the lower combined time of its fastest male and female competitor.


9:10pm ET: Here are the two semifinal matchups:

  • Austria vs. Norway
  • United States vs. Germany

9:15pm ET: Tied 1-1, Austria’s Katharina Liensberger puts her team up 2-1. Norway’s Fabian Wilkens Solheim then evens the score 2-2, but Austria will move ahead on tiebreak criteria.

9:17pm ET: The blue course is really showing its speed. Since the start of the quarterfinal round, the athlete on the blue course has won every race (except if they DNF’d).

9:22pm ET: Competing on the red course, Mikaela Shiffrin loses to Germany’s Lena Duerr by one-tenth of a second. River Radamus (blue course) puts the U.S. back into the hunt with a win…

9:25pm ET: And Paula Moltzan (blue course) goes down! That is tough luck for the United States… Germany’s Emma Aicher also skis out, but because she made it further down the course, she’ll get the point.

9:30pm ET: With Germany leading 2-1, it’s a must-win situation for U.S. skier Tommy Ford, competing on the red course. Ford crosses the line 0.84 seconds behind Alexander Schmid, who clinches the win for Germany.


  • Bronze medal final: Norway vs. United States
  • Gold medal final: Austria vs. Germany

9:38pm ET: It’s Norway vs. the United States for bronze. Paula Moltzan (blue course) gets the U.S. off to a strong start, defeating Norway’s Maria Therese Tviberg by 0.74 seconds.

9:40pm ET: Norway’s Fabian Wilkens Solheim (blue course) evens the score at 1-1. Mikaela Shiffrin, on the red course, loses to Thea Louise Stjernesund by 0.52 seconds. Norway leads 2-1…

9:44pm ET: It all comes down to River Radamus. And in heartbreaking fashion, Radamus wins – but the U.S. loses. Tied 2-2, Norway clinches the bronze thanks to time differential.

9:49pm ET: Moving on to the gold medal final… And Austria leads 2-1 heading into the fourth and final run. Germany’s Alexander Schmid is on the blue course, though…

9:52pm ET: … and in a repeat of what we just saw in the bronze medal final, Germany’s Schmid wins the heat, but Austria wins the gold.

9:57pm ET: Please tell me I am not the only one comparing alpine skiing to quidditch right now? Feels so bizarre to see an athlete win their race, only to lose to have their team lose the event.

10:00pm ET: Mikaela Shiffrin might not have won any medals in Beijing, but wow, she still taught us a lot about strength and perseverance. Here’s a look at what she told NBC Olympics reporter Todd Lewis after the U.S. alpine team finished fourth.

10:02pm ET: Alright, here’s a look at medalists:

  • GOLD: Austria
  • SILVER: Germany
  • Bronze: Norway

10:12pm: Two of the three teams that won medals in the inaugural Olympic alpine team event in 2018 return to the podium today. Austria improves on its silver from four years ago, while Norway claims a second straight Olympic bronze in this event.

10:55pm ET: Looking through the full stats from today’s alpine team event, here’s what stood out about the blue course vs. red course results:

Alpine Skiing – Mixed Team Event Bracket:

2022 Winter Olympics – Alpine Skiing Team Event Schedule:

Start Time (U.S. Eastern) Round
Begins at 8pm ET on Saturday Round of 16
Small Final (Bronze Medal Round)
Big Final (Gold Medal Round)

Team Event – Course Details:

  • Venue: Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Center
  • Course Name: Rainbow
  • Vertical Drop: 116 meters
  • Number of Gate: 21

A full preview of alpine skiing’s mixed team event can be found here.

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