Megan Rapinoe urges gun control action following Uvalde school shooting

Washington Spirit v OL Reign
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After the OL Reign’s 1-0 win over Kansas City on Wednesday night, Megan Rapinoe focused her post-game comments on Tuesday’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

“We’re living in an insane country when it comes to gun control and gun laws. I mean, there’s literally a mass shooting every day. It actually struck me when we went to do a moment of silence today because we just did one three f—ing days ago for a different mass shooting in a different city,” Rapinoe said, referring to the racist attack in Buffalo that saw 10 people shot and killed.

“(Gun control) is just something that the vast majority of the country wants,” she continued. “I urge people to use their voice and vote, or to call their representative or to badger their representatives, or to vote them out if they don’t change this, because we’re just quite literally being held hostage in this country for no reason whatsoever. The only reason that an AR-15 exists it to murder human beings. It’s not used for anything else. And it’s obviously very effective and it’s just heartbreaking.”

Rapinoe went on to offer her condolences to all of the families affected by the shooting.

“From myself, from our team, from the whole organization, our whole heart goes out to everyone in Texas and every one of those families affected,” she said. “It’ll change everybody’s lives forever in that community and it’s just horrific.”

OL Reign head coach Laura Harvey also addressed the Uvalde mass shooting in her post-game comments.

“I think in light of what happened yesterday in Texas, I think that as much as we’re really happy that we got the win and we know that’s our job to do, I think that we all came here with a heavy heart and wanted things to change. I’ve lived in this country now for nearly 10 years and it’s mind-blowing to me that this continues to happen,” Harvey said.

“I’ve got a three-year-old nephew who I just thought about immediately when I saw the news and I’m sure everyone does that and to think that he might go to a preschool and never go home is heartbreaking, to think of all the families that have been affected every day by this craziness. It needs to change. It needs to stop. There’s no excuse and we want that to change immediately.”

The OL Reign also issued the following statement: “We urge our fans and members of our community to act immediately by sending their U.S. Representatives an email advising them to support legislation to require background checks on all gun sales.”

Video of the OL Reign press conference featuring Rapinoe and Harvey is embedded below: